Standard Tyres Ltd has a deep understanding and knowledge of the tyre market and can meet all your specialist tyre requirements: fork lift trucks operating in a wide range of industrial environments, port equipment, construction, earthmoving, agricultural, airport ground support equipment and other specialist vehicles.

Making this knowledge available to all our customers is one of our key objectives so that all our partners can get the best performance out our products, allowing you to keep your fleet moving with maximum cost effectiveness and performance. The quality of our product is the result not only of the raw materials and manufacturing processes we use, but how this is combined with the utilization and performance of the product in the market. This is why working in partnership with our customers is paramount so that this knowledge can be maximised to our mutual benefit.

Technical Assistance

The sum of our industry expertise and experience together with the needs of the market make the difference in terms of the service offered by Standard Tyres Ltd to all its customers. Our service offering is made not only through our technical and commercial teams, but also through our network of distributors, and between the two there is a constant exchange of information regarding our products, applications as well as best practice in our industry. Through our web site we also offer a number of knowledge based services including a frequently asked questions section and a knowledge area where customers and distributors can download catalogues, brochures and technical information such as load carrying capacities etc.

Tyre Fitting

Our subsidiaries and distributors are equipped with tyre fitting presses, both static and mobile, so that downtime is reduced to a minimum, thus reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Furthermore, Standard Tyres Ltd has the largest and most up to date fitting press available in the market, especially designed to mount large OTR solid tyres (up to 1.90 m in diameter and 1.00 m wide). With our highly trained personnel, fitting times are kept to a minimum. Its large capacity cylinder ram facilitates the perfect seating of the tyre onto the wheel and is the ideal solution for the fitment of such tyres compared with previous methods.


  • Service Network in Brazil

    R. Conselheiro Olegário, 206 - V. Anastácio
    São Paulo (SP) - CEP 05093-040
    Tel: (+55 11) 3719-0070 - Fax: (+55 11) 3719-0075

    Rod. Presidente Dutra, Km 51 - Cx. Postal 53
    Lorena (SP) - CEP 12600-970
    Tel: (+55 12) 2124-8000 - Fax: (+55 12) 2124-8027

    Rua da Luz, 140
    Contagem (MG) - CEP 32372-130
    Tel:(+55 31) 3396-5103 - Fax: (+55 31) 3396-5103

    Av. Dep. Luis Eduardo Magalhães, s/ n°, Qd J
    Feira de Santana (BA) - CEP 44094-312
    Tel: (+55 75) 3604-9550 - Fax: (+55 75) 3604-9569
  • International Sales & Service

    Foreign Trade Department
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Phone: +55 12 2124 8033
    Fax: +55 12 2124 8027