Products, services & meetings: Standard Tyres Ltd at CEMAT 2015 - reach your goals!

Standard Tyres Ltd, Brazilian market leader, ended its participation at CeMAT South America 2015 on the 3rd July: The objectives of the show were met further strengthening its ties and partnerships with customers. The company took advantage of this opportunity to measure customer satisfaction levels both with its products and customer services, with expectations in all areas being met and exceeded.  

Standard Tyres at CeMAT South America 2015


With more than 25,000 visitors from 20 countries and 300 exhibitors, CeMAT South America 
is the largest exhibition of material handling and logistics in Latin America.

So Standard Tyres Ltd will be present with a stand of 120m2, built especially to house all its product line and welcome our guests with all comfort.

The purpose of Standard Tyres Ltd to participate in this event is to broaden and deepen the good relationship it has with its customers, taking the opportunity to assess satisfaction with the products, performance and services, the study of the possibilities for improvements and deepen the contact technical area best practices in the use of the products.

ISO 9001 certification: a challenge won!

The Standard Tyres won the approval of NBR ISO 9001: 2008, one of the leading international standards of quality management. The choice of NBR ISO 9001 is the result of the company's strategic vision which seeks the continuous improvement of its results and know-how to capture new market opportunities.

ST-3000 rims 20 and 24, the heavy line of Standard Tyres

Time of the operations and the workplace are constant challenges for large equipment.

Standard Tyres launches Deestone line

DEESTONE tyres, another release Standard Tyres, combine performance and cost.

Choice of Tires

The correct choice of tire is the first step to achieving the best levels of performance and economy.

Zero downtime for repairs!

The tire suited to application requirements ensures the return on investment: it was the case that customer who requested guidance to the technical team of the Standard Tyres.

Non-Marking Tires

White tires Not Manchantes constitute one of the most interesting special compound tires portfolio of Standard Tyres.

Cost-time: how to manage 40 of the maintenance cost of your equipment

Cost-time: how to manage 40% of the cost of maintenance of your equipment

Resilient tire construction

Solid tires 2 the's resilient 3 layers in your structure.


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